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3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger
3-In-1 Wireless Charger

3-In-1 Wireless Charger

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The Ultimate 3 In 1 Wireless Charger

Our 3-In-One Wireless Charger is based on the Qi standard that charges all your Apple or Samsung devices up to 4x faster



A Spot For All Your Devices

Three different charging platforms mean that all your favorite devices have a spot. Whether its a smartwatch, earbuds, or your phone.


Perfectly Safe

The charger comes packed with a ton of safety features. It's FCC, ROHS, CE certified as well as comes with a built-in surge protection mechanism.
Additionally, the temperature is always maintained via the built-in cooling fan. This will prevent from any overheating or overcharging accidents!



Blazing Fast

The 3-In-One Wireless Charger supports QuickCharge 3.0 adapter via a USB Type C port which allows it to charge at a blazing fast rate of up to 18W power output.



Phone Case Friendly

The 3-In-One Wireless Charger is deigned with phone cases in mind. Use with you favorite phone case. 


Multi Orientation Charging

Your 3-In-One Wireless Charger will allow you to charge your phone in both horizontal and vertical orientations. This opens many different possibilities!



The 3-In-One Wireless Charger was designed with almost universal compatibility in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I charge an Apple and/or Android device at the same time?"

The 3-In-One Wireless Charger allows you to charge an Apple or Android device on all spots as long as the device is Qi-enabled except for the top watch charging pad.  The top charging pad is made specifically for either the Apple Watch or the Galaxy Watch, depending on which 'Watch Type' you choose.

"Which phones does this charger work for?"

The charger works with iPhone 8, X, XS MAX, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max or any mobile phone that has Qi-enabled wireless charging.
In other words, it works with Android as long as the phone has Qi-enabled wireless charging, this includes most Samsung Galaxy phones including Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S7 / S7 Edge / S8 / S8 Plus / S9 / S9 Plus / S10 / S10 Plus / Note 7 / 8 / 9 / 10.
It also works with any phone that has Qi-enabled wireless charging which include Google, LG, HTC, Motorola, OnePlus and more!

"What headphones and watch does this work for?"

It charges any headphones with Qi-enabled wireless charging. This includes Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro (must have charging case, Powerbeats ProSamsung Galaxy Buds and other Qi-enabled wireless charging headphones.

"Will my devices charge with a case on it?"

Most cases will work with the charger as long as the case says it works with wireless charging. There are millions of cases out there and we cannot account for everyone, but we can say that most cases will work with this charger as long as it is advertised.

"Can you charge two phones at the same time?"

Yes! The 3-In-One Wireless Charger has two platforms to charge your phone on.  The back charging pad can be used for your AirPods / Earphones OR another phone. (Please note the back charging pad does not have as strong of an output as the front one, thus causing a slower charge)

"How many watts does this charge output?"

This charger outputs a total of 18W. The break down is as follows:
  • Top Charger (Watch) = 3W
  • Back Charger (AirPods/Earbuds) = 5W
  • Front Charger (Phone) = 10W

"How fast does the 3-In-One Wireless Charger charge your devices?"

The 3-In-One Wireless Charger is a top of the line device and we support the fastest charging available for the 18W of output. We believe the charging speed is fast and competitive with most chargers.