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Lumii Light
Lumii Light
Lumii Light
Lumii Light
Lumii Light

Lumii Light

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Say Goodbye To Eye Strain

Limited desktop space? Lighting too dim? Too much glare?
Computers are indispensable for work, study, entertainment or games, however, constant exposure to screen light poses a burden on your eyes and can cause eye strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). 
Lumii Light focuses on providing lighting solutions for computer desktops with limited space or bad lighting.

Feature Rich

It's more than just a light. With class leading list of features, Lumii Light is perfect for any computer use scenario.

Wide Area Uniform Lighting

A unique gravity rotating shaft structure design is adopted based on the lighting requirements of the desktop, so that the light can be focused uniformly on the entire desktop area, including the keyboard and files In front of the display.

Pay Attention To Detail More Easily

Clear lighting allows for more efficient work and helps pay attention to detail.

Sleek and Elegant

Our Lumii Light has a beautiful and textured design with a matte finish. It also does not occupy desk space as it is hung directly above the monitor by our Gravity Pivot Clip.

Universal Compatibility

Supports Type-C charging cable, which can be directly connected to the computer for a hassle free installation.

Angle Adjustment

Baseless design allows a quick installation. Featuring the gravity rotating shaft, the gravity base is adjusted to a proper angle to be directly hung on the display.

Apply the Brightness You Desire

Rotate the knob to adjust brightness freely and meet the brightness needs of different environments and different groups of people.

Three Color Temperatures, One-Touch Switching

Press once to adjust. Comfortable and eye protecting. Making work and study more efficient.

  • White light (5000K): clear lighting, efficient office work
  • Mixed light (4000K): neutral color temperature, easy reading
  • Warm light (2900K): soft light, comfortable viewing

Anti-blue Light, Free from Stroboflash

Free from the blue light hazard, visual stroboscopic effect, and is more eye-protecting. With one simple touch, it solves the problem of screen light, and meet the light requirements of different scenes.

(*Turn on the camera of the mobile phone and point it at the LED light source for close observation to conduct stroboscopic detection.)

Firm and Stable

Strong and durable aluminum design ensures longevity while the Gravity Pilot Clip ensures that your Lumii Light is stable and firm.

Installation Instructions

  1. As shown in the figure: adjust the angle between the “gravity base” and “bracket” according to the thickness of the screen. It is suitable for screens with a thickness of 5mm-40mm (the thinner the screen, the smaller the required angle; the thicker the screen, the larger the required angle).
  2. Hang the lamp in the middle position above the screen. Pay special attention to the requirement that the fulcrum at the front end of the bracket must be close to the screen, the end fulcrum of the gravity base needs to be close to the back of the screen to form a gravity support, and to complete installing and fixing.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Adjustable Color: White light, Warm white light, Mixed light
  • Features: 3 Lighting modes, Angle adjustment, Blue light blocking
  • Color temperature range: 2900K-5000K
  • Applicable screen thickness: 0.5-4 cm (Works on curved screens)
  • Product weight: 500g
  • Product size: 464*100*38mm
  • Rated power: 5W (Max)
  • Operating temperature: -20℃~+55℃
  • Lumen value: 200LM

Package Includes

  • Lumii Light
  • USB power cable
  • User Manual